Diamond Polished Concrete Floors

A Beautiful, Durable, and Eco-Friendly Flooring Solution

Diamond polishing isn’t just a sheen or a sealer. With our specialized polishing equipment, we start at a low grit and can grind the floors down to expose the aggregate and smooth the surface. We pass over the floors with increasingly higher grit diamond pads (usually 9 different grits) until we achieve a natural sheen. We can stain during that polishing process so that we get a wider variety of color options. A concrete densifier is added to strengthen the floor. The beauty of diamond polish is that you have no sealer to scratch or scuff. People compare it to diamond polishing of a terrazzo floor or a granite countertop. The sheen is natural and not created by a sealer. It’s probably the most durable floor with the least amount of maintenance to concrete floors yet.

A Low-Maintenance, High Reward Flooring Option

Why Polished Concrete?

Here Are the Perks:


Skip coatings and overlays; opt for an affordable, energy-efficient concrete slab.


Highlight utilitarian appeal with a contemporary, customizable gloss.


Stain your floor in your favorite color, or add patterns for a unique look.

Low Maintenance

No waxing needed; enjoy a shiny surface with simple sweeping and occasional mopping.

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Concrete Stain Options

From Antique Gray’s weathered elegance to our rich Walnut stain, Hastings offers a palette of stains that transforms concrete surfaces with both timeless and trendy hues. Turn your concrete into a canvas of color and character.

Antique Gray
Antique Gray
Gray Bluish
Desert Sand
Desert Sand
Malay Tan
Aqua Blue
Black Tortoise
Golden Wheat Stain
Golden Wheat
English Red Stain
English Red
Green Lawn Stain
Green Lawn
Vintage Umber Stain
Vintage Umber
“The Hastings team refinished the concrete floors in our kitchen during the course of a full gut renovation. It looks so high-end, and yet it’s just the slab foundation—definitely the most cost-effective part of our remodel. Everyone who visits our house admires it, and we love that it’s so effortless to maintain.”
Richard N.

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